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Lassi House

Independently owned and operated since opening our doors in 2015, thousands of customers from south India make their way to lassi house every day for their fix of signature Lassi, Mocktails, Shakes, Freak shakes, Digestive Drinks, Ice Creams, Sundaes Etc.

About us

Lassi House is a vibrant young Innovative idea which not only
caters to Today’s youth but fulfill the desire to drink a cold Mocktail and a Milkshake for any common person.It’s been a journey for a trio who started this in the year 2015.


Lassi House objectives are clear from day one and to turning profits for the Franchisee and own stores,as it is already tested and proven we are dominating in this QSR project as we stand and are noted as Out of the Box concept as our USP is our pricing.

We will continue to grow as the demand is overwhelming Keeping that in mind, we decided to get into this line by expanding the variety of options and delicacies.From Branding to the product itself we have given our unique touch which caters to all the masses.

The presentation itself is pleasing as the store itself is pure white except for the menu which is colorful and eye catching which in turn attracts lots of attention.

Key to success

Store concept which is visually attractive and designed for fast and efficient operations.

Employee training to insure the best product and preparation techniques at its best and quick service.

Strategy Summary

Marketing Strategy will be focused on getting new customers, retaining existing customers Establishing a loyal customer base which is our top priority as it will generate not only most of the Sales.


Lassi House has positioned itself by now in this competitive market as unique and fast QSR where its patrons not only enjoys the most age old Lassi with the difference and with lots of flavours and ensures that they forget.

Lassi House

#81, Commercial Street, Opp. Police Station Max,
Lubbay Masjid Road, Bangalore-60


Mon-Sun: 11 AM – 11 PM

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